About Us


Integrating data / web / social / print / mobile / email

A privately held, leading provider of fully integrated, data-centric, cross-tactic marketing communications, BullsEye Marketing Systems (BEMS) specializes in developing and executing automated retention programs for subscriber-based businesses. BEMS clients include the largest cable companies in the nation. The BEMS team is located in West Chester, PA (suburban Philadelphia).

BEMS’ thought leadership, data expertise and unique technology platform enables brands to focus on their customers and their lifecycle value. By transforming traditional campaign-based direct marketing to programmatic, customer-centric, lifecycle marketing, BEMS has consistently proven to help brands:

  • Reduce Churn
  • Increase response and conversion rates
  • Improve brand image and customer relationships
  • Leverage investments in online strategies
  • Gather real-time market intelligence
  • Build audience segmentation data for testing and analysis
  • Reduce direct mail costs
  • Reduce call center costs